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Festival of Russian culture held in Tallinn

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Festival of Russian culture held in Tallinn


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Festival of Russian culture 9 FEST ended yesterday in the Estonian capital. Tallinn has hosted it for the 4th time, according to

The program included online lectures on historical figures related to the city. One of them is Prince Alexander Nevsky, the cultural historian Maria Smorzhevsky-Smirnova told about his role in the history of the Ostsee region. According to her, this saint acquired a special status in the territories conquered during the Northern War. A lot of Orthodox churches were built in the name of St. Alexander Nevsky in the 19th century in Estonia and Livonia.

A lecture on traveler Ivan Kruzenshtern, who led the first Russian round-the-world expedition, was also held during the festival. It was read by a descendant of the navigator, professor at the University of Copenhagen Alexander Prishchepov.

A literary competition "Poems and Prose Speak Any Language" was also held within the framework of the festival. The organizers, among whom was the Russian Theater of Estonia, invited high school students to participate.

The competition has turned into an experiment that united literary and theatrical arts. Young people were asked to focus on the work of a writer or poet, contemporary or classic, whose work is associated with Tallinn and whose books were published in Estonian or Russian. Participants read fragments of works, recorded videos and sent them to the organizers. All the prizes in the competition went to Narva, where the winners study in the eleventh grade of the Narva Language Lyceum.

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