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Russia became guest of honor at Seoul Book Fair

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Russia became guest of honor at Seoul Book Fair


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Russia has become a guest of honor at the Seoul International Book Fair, which opens on Friday, October 16, the website of the Year of Literature reports. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the largest book forum in the Asia-Pacific region had to be organized online this time.

Russian publishing houses are represented for the third time in the capital of South Korea, but the honorary status made it possible to organize a more extensive program. It includes three parts. The first is intended for professionals in the book publishing sphere, the second is designed for everyone who is interested in Russian literature and the Russian language, the third is the author's program.

Travel lovers may be particularly interested in the Welcome to Russia section. It contains travel guides, books about the country. Anyone can take a virtual walk around Moscow or Vladivostok, get on a railway carriage and ride along the Trans-Siberian Railway. You can plot your route and start traveling on it next year.

The presentation of the "Series 5 + 5" project is planned. It will introduce the most interesting books by Russian and South Korean authors.

Exhibitions of illustrations by leading artists have been prepared for guests of the Russian virtual stand, for example, famous and new works by Igor Oleinikov, winner of the Hans Christian Andersen medal. One can also see the works of the laureates of the Nami Concours International Illustration Competition.

The main participants will be 11 Russian writers, whose works have already been translated into Korean or will be translated in the near future.

The fair will run until October 25.

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