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Italian wins Open Competition for Composers in St. Petersburg

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Italian wins Open Competition for Composers in St. Petersburg


Photo credit: St. Petersburg Diary

Composer from Italy Andrea Porter became the winner of the Andrey Petrov Open Competition for Composers, which ended in St. Petersburg on the eve of October 12, TASS reports. The creative tournament was held for the 14th time, the finalists gathered in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

The jury awarded the first prize to Andrea Porter's Gobolinks. It was written for voice and orchestra and was performed by Elizaveta Sveshnikova and the St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra.

The winner of the competition is 47 years old, he has repeatedly received awards for his musical compositions, his works are performed in different countries.

The second prize was won by Russian Artur Wabel with his symphonic work Cryptopiece. The third prize was awarded to the British Ryan Latimer with a work for the Antiarkie symphony orchestra. The audience noted the concert for violin and orchestra by Russian Taras Buevsky.

Alexander Raskatov, head of the jury, noted the high level of works sent to the competition. According to him, the jury had to do a great job to mark the most worthy. He called all of the finalists "vibrant musical figures", each with their own path in contemporary music. The composer is convinced that the Andrey Petrov competition has a great future because it covers a wide range of musical compositions.

The final point of the musical holiday will be an anniversary concert, which will include symphonic works by Andrey Petrov. It will take place on Tuesday, October 13, at the Great Philharmonic Hall.

As Russkiy Mir reported earlier, about 350 works from 48 countries were submitted to Andrey Petrov's competition. This season, the first two rounds were anonymous auditions. Six participants from Russia, Great Britain, USA and Italy made it to the final, which took place in St. Petersburg. Their symphonic works were performed at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic without an audience; the broadcast could be watched on the tournament website.

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