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Finalists of All-Austrian Russian language contest awarded in Vienna

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Finalists of All-Austrian Russian language contest awarded in Vienna


Photo credit: Russian Embassy in Austria / Facebook

The Russian Center for Science and Culture in Vienna hosted an award ceremony for the finalists of the All-Austrian Competition in the Russian language. The finalists were awarded medals, certificates for studying in Russia and books in Russian, according to the Russian Embassy in Austria on Facebook.

In previous years, contests were held in many languages, but during the pandemic, only a Russian language tournament took place.

The competition was held in the spring, but due to the pandemic, the award ceremony took place only in September. The final was attended by the winners of the regional rounds from the 6 federal states of Austria.

The ceremony was attended by the Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky, the head of the Austrian Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature Sebastian Hacker and other representatives of educational and public organizations of the two countries.

The Russian ambassador thanked the organizers and participants for the interest shown in the Russian language and culture of Russia, and stressed that the relationship between the peoples of the two countries is traditionally friendly.

 Hacker praised the role of the Russian center in Vienna in the spread of the Russian language in Austria, calling the center a home for Russian language specialists from all over the country.

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