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Russian COVID-19 vaccine will be sent to Venezuela

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Russian COVID-19 vaccine will be sent to Venezuela


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Russia will supply the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to Venezuela within the next month, RIA Novosti reports. According to head of state Nicolas Maduro, the country will undertake the third round of clinical trials of the drug.

Maduro explained that he wanted to discuss the possibility of vaccination of all candidates for the upcoming elections to the National Assembly. He is confident that this will help conduct a calmer election campaign. The number of candidates for deputy exceeds 14,000.

The first batch of the Sputnik V is already avialable for civilians. The Ministry of Health has promised that the drug will be sent to the Russian regions as soon as possible. Physicians, social workers, and teachers will be the first to get the vaccine.

Earlier, 27 states have shown interest in the Russian vaccine, including Kazakhstan, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Venezuela. The first country to receive the vaccine will be Belarus. Three industrial sites have already been designated for the production of the vaccine.

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