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Russian director launches international online film school

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Russian director launches international online film school


The work of the summer film school of Alexander Mitta has started, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper writes. The unique project of the Union State is carried out online. Training is free for all participants.

The teachers are Russian and Belarusian cinema figures. Alexander Mitta himself teaches scriptwriting and drama on the course. His textbook Cinema Between Hell and Paradise has become a reference book for several generations of screenwriters.

The educational program is complemented by master classes by Neil Landau, who works at Hollywood film schools. He will talk about the peculiarities of writing a script for a full-length film, as well as what producers of TV series need to know. Aspiring directors and actors will be helped by the lessons of Mark Travis, the author of The Director's Journey: Creative Collaboration of Directors, Screenwriters and Actors.

Director Dmitry Astrakhan is also among the teachers. His master classes are devoted to improving the efficiency of the director's work with the actor. Listeners will also meet with Nikolai Lebedev, who has shot several bestsellers in recent years. The author of the acclaimed book Bury Me Behind the Skirting Board Pavel Sanaev will give lectures for screenwriters.

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