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Russian Internet connection installed on ISS

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Russian Internet connection installed on ISS


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The Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) now has its own Internet connection instead of the American one. Stable communication with the Earth was achieved by connecting to a broadband communication channel through the Luch relay satellites,  RIA Novosti reports.

Previously, Russian cosmonauts could communicate with the planet only during the flight over Russia, during the rest of the hours they had to resort to US systems. According to the operator of the Russian segment of the ISS, laying its own channel will remove dependence on foreign colleagues.

The ISS orbits the planet in a little more than an hour and a half, communication between Russian cosmonauts and specialists on Earth is established twice for half an hour. There are plans to organize communication throughout the entire loop. 

The signal speed will reach 105 megabits per second. At the moment, the operator has three Luch satellites, in four years it is planned to launch a new-generation relay satellite.

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