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Ancient Cities Forum opens in Ryazan

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Ancient Cities Forum opens in Ryazan


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The Forum of Ancient Cities opens on Thursday, July 30, TASS reports. Ryazan has hosted it for the 3rd time in a row.

This year, due to restrictions aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection, foreign guests were not invited to participate. It was decided to hold the forum online but some events will also take place offline. The main topic is the cities and settlements of the region, the age of which is more than half a thousand years. There are about 80 of them in the region. Participants will discuss their history, development and traditions.

The forum will bring together exhibitions, excursions, historical video travel. Representatives of twin cities and other regions are going to take part in it. 

According to the organizers, ancient cities have great potential to attract tourists. Despite all the differences, they still have many problems in common. This includes the hospitality industry, which is not ready to cope with the increasing tourist flow, transport infrastructure that does not meet the modern requirements. Many ancient cities lack hotels and restaurants.

The forum provides an opportunity to discuss these issues, exchange experiences and new ideas.

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