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Exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of Russian Exodus opens in Paris

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Exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of Russian Exodus opens in Paris


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The exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the Russian Exodus (the evacuation of soldiers and civilians from the Crimean Peninsula during the Russian Civil War) opens on Tuesday, July 21, in Paris. It is located in the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo, the agency's website reports. The exposition entitled “Russian Exodus, Tragedy and Greatness. 1920-1922 " is prepared by the Solzhenitsyn House of the Russian Diaspora.

The centenary of the end of the Civil War will be celebrated in Russia and the world in November 2020. In the autumn of 1920, the last ships of the squadron of the Imperial Black Sea Fleet left Crimea and Sevastopol. Almost 150,000 people left Russia. Now this event is called the Russian Exodus.

Historical documents and photographs of Crimea and the Primorsky Territory are presented at the exhibition. The periods of evacuation of Russian troops and refugees to Gallipoli, Lemnos, Bizerte and Shanghai are described in detail. Viewers will see photographs, orders, letters, nautical charts of that era, logbooks and other materials. They reflect, as in a mirror, a large-scale canvas, into which dramatic and even tragic events and fates were intertwined.

The materials have been collected in the funds of the House of the Russian Diaspora from different countries, from Australia to the United States. The exposition is addressed to contemporaries who are not indifferent to the fate of their country, and is intended to once again draw attention to the unprecedented phenomenon of Russian and world history - the Russian Exodus.

France became the new home for thousands and thousands of first wave emigrants who left their homeland after the October Revolution. Paris was called the capital of the Russian diaspora. Hundreds of thousands of Russian exiles found work and shelter there.

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