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Hungary becomes first EU country to open borders for Russians

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Hungary becomes first EU country to open borders for Russians


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Hungary is the first EU country to open a border with Russia, RIA Novosti reports. Budapest included Russia in the so-called yellow list. As explained at the Hungarian embassy, ​​this means that from July 15, Russian residents, as well as citizens of other states that have entered the "yellow" zone, can come to Hungary. But they will have to comply with some conditions, including a certificate of absence of coronavirus.

High-risk countries are divided into two parts: yellow and red. From the countries of the "red" sector, entry into Hungary is prohibited.

Visitors to Hungary will be examined and will have to pass through a two-week quarantine. It can be avoided only if over the past five days two tests for coronavirus showed a negative result, and there is a corresponding document confirming it. Foreigners with COVID-19 symptoms won't be allowed into Hungary.

Russia may resume international air service on July 15. It is planned that airplanes will fly only to places where the number of cases does not exceed one percent per day, and also where, in a two-week period, the average number of infected people does not exceed 40 people per 100,000.

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