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Conference on Great Patriotic War to be held in Sweden

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Conference on Great Patriotic War to be held in Sweden


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Russian compatriots are invited to join the participants of the conference called "Great Victory in an Era of Change." it is organized by the Union of Russian Societies in Sweden with the assistance of the Moscow House of the Compatriots.

The forum is scheduled for July 15, it will be held online due to restrictions aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection. Conference participants will discuss issues of the history of World War II, the history of the victory and the role that the Soviet Union played in it. Why is this important for members of the Russian-speaking community in Sweden? Is Swedish society at large ready to accept this value? All these and other issues will be discussed during the conference.

Scientists, lawyers, historians, teachers, representatives of universities from different countries of Europe are among the speakers of the conference.

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