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Russia's MFA: asian countries interested in Russian anti-COVID-19 medicines

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Russia's MFA: asian countries interested in Russian anti-COVID-19 medicines


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Asian countries are very interested in Russian research aimed at combating coronavirus infection. This was told by Igor Morgulov, who holds the post of Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, TASS reports.

This issue is being actively discussed between Rospotrebnadzor and colleagues from Asian countries. The dialogue extends to the SCO, BRICS countries, and also takes place within the framework of the East Asian Summit and dialogue with ASEAN.

The senior diplomat promised that the work would be continued. Asian partners are very interested in Russian experience in combating the pandemic. The production of drugs and vaccines against COVID-19 remains very important for them.

Igor Morgulov said that Russian mobile laboratories work in remote areas of Mongolia, in the Russian-Vietnamese tropical center.

As Russkiy Mir reported, Moscow received about 30 calls for help in countering the spread of coronavirus infection from African countries. During the pandemic, Russia was requested to assist in the fight against COVID-19 by 29 African states and the African Union. Almost 30,000 units of laboratory materials and more than 8,000 personal protective equipment were sent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Earlier, Moscow sent a humanitarian aid batch to Cambodia. Russian test systems designed to diagnose coronavirus were handed over to the Iranian authorities, countries belonging to the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS.

As part of a charity event, the Russian Peace Foundation sent abroad disposable medical, anesthetic and breathing masks, shoe covers, respirators, electrostatic filters, syringe pumps, defibrillators, and ventilators.

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