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Moscow museums open for visitors after pandemic

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Moscow museums open for visitors after pandemic


Photo credit: Flickr / ruscow

Obout 15 museums resume their work in Moscow, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper writes. First visitors will be taken in on July 1, 2 and 3. Some museums in other Russian regions will also reopen their doors.

However, some restrictions still apply. They relate to the number of visitors, the need to comply with the mask regime. In addition, museums organized special routes so that the public could maintain a social distance, and the flow of spectators did not intersect. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Excursions are not allowed.

On Thursday, July 2, branches of the Museum of Moscow, the Museum of Archeology of Moscow and the Museum of the History of Lefortovo will take in the first visitors. The Cosmonautics Museum, the Bulgakov Museum, the Moscow estate of Father Frost and the Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad resumed work yesterday.

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