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Mariinsky Theater's live broadcast get nearly 100 million views

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Mariinsky Theater's live broadcast get nearly 100 million views


Photo credit: a scene from The Tsar’s Bride opera by Rimsky-Korsakov /

The number of views of broadcasts that the Mariinsky Theater has conducted over the past 3,5 months has reached almost 100 million views, the website of the Ministry of Culture reports.

The theater started to go on the air daily immediately after it was closed to the public. 

During this time, it held more than 120 shows. The audience was presented with recordings of performances of the classical repertoire and unique concert programs. For the most part, the place behind the conductor's stand was occupied by maestro Gergiev, the artistic director of the theater. Documentaries, educational projects, ballet rehearsals and much more were added to these shows.

The maestro himself notes that the theater did not stop communicating with the audience for a day. Valery Gergiev admitted that such a great interest turned out to be a pleasant surprise for him. A lot of people watched the recordings made several years ago, and completely fresh works. The conductor added that the preparation for the broadcasts became very interesting for him. 

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