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Russian language promotion in Africa discussed at Russian-Tanzanian forum

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Russian language promotion in Africa discussed at Russian-Tanzanian forum


Humanitarian cooperation has become one of the main issues discussed at the Russian-Tanzanian forum, which took place online, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper writes. It was organized by Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), large Russian companies and representatives of the African business community.

According to the organizers, the main task of the forum is to find areas of interaction in which both parties are most interested. One of the key topics is the continuation of studies of African applicants in Russian universities. Having received a diploma from a Russian university, they will return to their homeland, and established contacts will help strengthen bilateral relations. According to the vice-rector of MSU Tatyana Kortava, strengthening contacts in the educational field will be an additional incentive for cooperation between Russia and Africa to reach a new level.

The head of the Tanzanian embassy in Russia, Simon Marco Mumvi, called the beginning of a dialogue between the two countries very important. 

MSU plans to hold a seminar next month for RSL teachers. Teachers from East Africa are going to be among its participants.

Tatyana Kortava also invited everyone in Tanzania to join the Distant Russian in Africa project. It is aimed at remote learning of the Russian language in Africa and will be avialable free of charge.

It was also decided to soon hold a videoconference dedicated to Russian-Tanzanian cooperation in the field of tourism.

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