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Chinese students prepare tourist guide of Voronezh region

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Chinese students prepare tourist guide of Voronezh region


Photo credit: Monument to Vasily the kitten in Voronezh, on Lizyukova street /

A guide to the sights of the Voronezh region was presented at Sanya University, located in Hainan Province (China). It was developed by students from China who had internships at Voronezh University. The presentation took place online, the Voronezh city portal reports.

According to the scientific leader of the group, Chen Haidong, Chinese students were simply fascinated by the ancient Russian city. During the time they spent in Voronezh, they not only increased their knowledge of the Russian language, but also fell in love with the city, its history and amazing nature.

Guests from China noted Divnogorye, Voronezh Biosphere Reserve, and other attractions. Orthodox culture and architecture, icon painting and choral singing were also admired in the guide.

The project took place thanks to the effective interaction between Russian and Chinese universities with the assistance of the Khovansky Education Fund. 

Photo credit: Voronezh Biosphere Reserve, Beaver Town in Grafsky /

The guide is the first presentation of tourist sites of the capital of the Black Earth region in China. Project participants noted that it became their contribution to the development of bilateral cooperation and a testament to respect for Chinese culture by Chinese students.

In China, they expressed hope that the guide would help attract Chinese tourists to the region.

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