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Experts: quarantine measures helped save more than 80,000 lives in Russia

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Experts: quarantine measures helped save more than 80,000 lives in Russia


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Measures aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus in Russia helped save the lives of more than 80,000 citizens. This is stated in a study conducted by specialists of the Higher School of Economics, TASS reports.

Experts note that if Russia had acted on the model of Brazil and introduced minimum quarantine measures, as of June 24, the number of deaths from the infection would have exceeded 100,000, more than 11 million people would have contracted the disease. According to the experts, if the authorities and residents of the country had not responded to reports of a pandemic at all, the number of deaths could have reached almost 4 million. Nevertheless, the authors of the study call such a forecast unrealistic.

The Russian authorities established almost a month-long  period of non-working days: from March 25 to May 11. Most of the people worked remotely, all the stores, except for food and those that sold essential goods, were closed, as well as entertainment centers, beauty salons, fitness centers.  Mass events were canceled. Most regions introduced a self-isolation regime. 

Rospotrebnadzor established the criteria for the three stages of lifting restrictive measures for the regions. First, the department recommended resuming the work of small non-food stores and service enterprises. At the next stage, stores with an area of ​​up to 800 square meters and individual educational organizations opened. At the last stage, it was planned to open all shops and enterprises in the service sector without restrictions on the area and number of visitors. It was planned to have at least half of the beds for patients with coronavirus infection free in hospitals at all three stages. 

As of June 29, over 640,000 patients with COVID-19 have been identified in Russia. Of these, more than 403,000 people recovered, the number of deaths constituted to 9166 people.

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