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Russia’s MFA intends to simplify visa regime for foreigners

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Russia’s MFA intends to simplify visa regime for foreigners


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Foreigners who have close relatives among Russians will find it easier to travel to the country, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivanov, the department is preparing a draft law providing for them the possibility of obtaining multiple private visas. It will be enough for a Russian citizen to make a corresponding written statement.

The deputy minister noted that with this law, it will no longer be necessary to issue special invitations with the help of the territorial departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The document will list all categories of citizens of foreign countries who may qualify for a multiple visa upon application of a relative, a citizen of the Russian Federation.

It is planned that multiple private visas will be valid throughout the year. At the same time, the senior diplomat said, with such visas it will be possible to stay in Russia throughout the year.

The Foreign Ministry also noted that visas for tourists can be issued for a five-year period, but this period should be expanded gradually. Rostourism recently proposed the introduction of multiple visas for foreigners for up to five years.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is already preparing a proposal to issue foreigners a six-month multiple-entry tourist visa, with the period of stay in the Russian Federation limited to three months. It will be necessary to confirm the reservation at a hotel for the period of the first trip in order to get this kind of visa. It will be possible to extend the validity of the visa for a year, the Foreign Ministry noted. It is also possible that a single electronic visa may become multiple in the future.

Russkiy Mir reported that, from the beginning of next year, electronic visas would be valid throughout the country. They will grant the entry to Russia for up to sixteen days. An electronic visa can be obtained for a tourist trip, business or guest visit, as well as travel for humanitarian purposes.

An electronic visa will be an independent category of a document along with a diplomatic, official, ordinary, transit visa and a visa of a temporary resident in the Russian Federation. Currently, electronic visas are valid in eight Far Eastern and three northwestern regions.

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