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Moscow among Europe's top tech-savvy cities

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Moscow among Europe's top tech-savvy cities


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The Russian capital was included in the top-20 list of the most promising technological European cities, the website of the mayor of Moscow writes. It took the 18th position in the Tech Cities of the Future 2020/21 ranking.

This year the rating was released for the first time. It was composed by specialists from fDi Intelligence and TNW (The Next Web) magazines. The capitals of Great Britain, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany are among the leaders in the rating.

The experts examined about 80 cities of the continent. They were evaluated according to five criteria, including capital raising, infrastructure development, and the presence of highly qualified personnel. Moscow became the tenth in the Startup Ecosystem category.

The city administration noted that Moscow attracted more and more investments every year, including the high-tech field. The capital successfully competes in this area with Helsinki and Milan. The city has a favorable environment for the development of startups and digital platforms. Innovative solutions are actively introduced into the urban environment.

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