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Putin calls public health top priority

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Putin calls public health top priority


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The key task for the state is to preserve the life and health of Russian citizens, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is sure. In his opinion, after coping with it, one can deal with other problems, TASS reports. He said this during an interview for Russia-1 TV channel.

The Russian leader has no doubt that this goal remains “absolutely priority” for the authorities of each country, any state. And for Russia, with its vast territory, with existing problems in the demographic sphere, it is, of course, the main one. Vladimir Putin called it "a question of questions, a problem of problems." First of all, everything needs to be done to preserve human lives and health, the rest will follow, the president added.

The head of state praised the Russian health care system, which demonstrated its willingness to respond to the epidemic, showing flexibility and mobilization. He noted that Russia was capable of responding to the challenges facing the whole world.

The country as a whole was able to protect Russian citizens from the coronavirus, Putin added . According to the number of detected cases of infection, Russia is among the leaders, he said, and in the number of deaths from coronavirus it has one of the lowest rates. “So far, thank God, this is so, I hope that it will be so, maybe it will be even better, because the situation is improving here,” the head of state said.

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