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Russian government eases entry restrictions for foreign specialists

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Russian government eases entry restrictions for foreign specialists



The Russian authorities have relaxed entry restrictions for highly qualified specialists from abroad, RIA Novosti reports.

Foreign specialists will be able to enter the Russian territory once if they have received permission to work in Russia and have been included in the list. The list must be submitted to the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the federal executive bodies in charge of the employer or customer of the services of a foreign specialist. It is necessary to mention the checkpoint through which the employee plans to enter the country, and the date of arrival.

According to the Association of European Businesses, almost 200 foreign businessmen, along with family members, have already received permission to return to Russia. They will be able to come to the country after a two-week quarantine.

Earlier, the government gave permission to foreigners who wanted to get medical treatment in Russia. In addition, restrictions were lifted for those who needed to take care of sick close relatives.

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