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Pskov specialists developed mobile app for RSL students

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Pskov specialists developed mobile app for RSL students


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Specialists of the Pskov State University (PSU) have created the first mobile application designed for students of Russian as a second language (RSL). The app called Privet (Hi in Russian) can help users successfully pass state testing in the Russian language, and will also be useful to those who want to find out their language level. The project was supported by the Innovation Promotion Fund, the website of the Russian Society of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature reports.

The app is avialable for free on online markets. It also gives the users the ability to send answers to speaking and writing tasks to teachers, which is a unique feature of this app. 

In addition to the test, the application has a training mode. The user can improve knowledge in those sections of testing that cause him the greatest difficulties.

PSU invites foreigners to take Russian language tests at the university’s site and join groups of students studying Russian as a second language. During this period, classes are held online, but in the future, lessons are planned to be returned to the walls of the university.

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