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Russian world center opens in Leipzig

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Russian world center opens in Leipzig


The Russian World Center opened on March 11 in Leipzig with the assistance of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The center is hosted by St. Alexandra Society.

During the opening ceremony, the head of the society, N. Oppenlender, said that “over the 20 years of its existence, the society has become an important cultural center that helps compatriots to integrate into new life, not forgetting about the homeland where we come from, its language, history, and culture.”

The society organizes groups for studying the Russian language, folklore holidays, classical music concerts, which are dominated by works by Russian composers, meetings with Russian-speaking writers, trips to the "Russian" places in Germany - Baden-Baden, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Coburg, Dresden. It also published a book called The Russian World of Leipzig, which mentions several hundred names of Russian public figures, who are somehow connected with Leipzig. The publication of this book was carried out thanks to the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The center also conducts Russian as a second language classes.

Russian musicians and singers, as well as Russian-speaking writers and literary critics are common guests of the society.

The opening of the center was attended by Consul General Andrei Dronov, representatives of the city authorities, the Saxon Coordination Council, the All-German Council of Russian-speaking parents, Leipzig public organizations and the press.

N. Oppenlender, Leipzig

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Translation of the Holy Scriptures into Chinese is carried out by the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Taiwan. Over the eight-year period, a translation of the Gospel of Mark has been completed, and the Gospel of Matthew is in the process. The translators have made a basic glossary of biblical and theological terminology, and it is fair to say that they are working on the development of the Chinese Orthodox liturgical language. The project supervisor, rector of the Holy Cross Church in Taipei Kirill Shkarbul told the Russkiy Mir about his hopes that this translation would be able to convey the Word of God unaltered and would not be a mere retelling as other Chinese translations of the Bible.