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Alexander Bolshunov becomes first Russian skier to win World Cup

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Alexander Bolshunov becomes first Russian skier to win World Cup


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Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov won the World Cup in cross-country skiing in the overall classification for five races before the end of the season. Twenty-three-year-old Bolshunov became the first Russian skier to win the World Cup, TASS reports.

At the moment, Bolshunov has 2221 points in his account. The Norwegian Johannes Klebo, who occupied the second intermediate place, lags behind Alexander Bolshunov by almost five hundred points. The Norwegian team decided to skip the next stages of the World Cup due to the threat of coronavirus infection.

Bolshunov became the first member of the Russian national team, who managed to become the best in the overall standings of the World Cup. The Soviet athletes repeatedly reached this goal. In the Soviet era, Alexander Zavyalov and Vladimir Smirnov became the winners of the World Cup, the former made it twice. 

Last season, Alexander Bolshunov became the second in the overall standings, silver medals in different years were won by Russians Sergey Ustyugov and Alexander Legkov. The next stages will take place in Quebec and Minneapolis.

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