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Russkiy Mir Foundation launches reporter contest

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Russkiy Mir Foundation launches reporter contest


The Russkiy Mir Foundation and the Russkiy Mir Television and Radio Company announce the 2020 Russian World Reporter contest.

Videos of any genre (separate pieces, programs, interviews, etc.) dedicated to the Russian language and literature, the history and culture of Russia and the rest of the world, the life of the Russian world and compatriots are eligible to take part in the competition.

Further details on the format and timing requirements are explained in the Regulations.
The works can be submitted from February 1 to September 14, 2020.

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Starting from Peter the Great days, Russian glossary of nautical terms was compiled based on Dutch terms. Furthermore, it experienced a significant impact from English, German and Italian terminology. Events associated with naval glory of Russia can be reconstructed through interpretation of those inherent terms. The Battle of Chesma is one of such events.