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Russia's Defense Ministry declassified documents on liberation of Budapest

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Russia's Defense Ministry declassified documents on liberation of Budapest


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Unique archival documents on the liberation of Budapest by the Soviet army from Nazi invaders are presented on the website of Russia's Ministry of Defense of Russia. The creation of the page is timed to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Hungarian capital.

The section is based on declassified documents from the funds of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Users can see digitized copies of interrogation protocols, military cards and schemes, award documents and other materials.

Among the most interesting documents included in the section are the fascist grouping scheme for December 1, 1944, the order of the headquarters of the 83rd Separate Rifle Brigade of the Marine Corps, and the report of the troops of the 2nd Ukrainian Front for January 1945. An act on the atrocities of the Nazis in Budapest is also published for the first time.

The documentary evidence of the former Minister-President of the Hungarian Government, Istvan Bethlen, who sided with the Soviet army in 1944, is also published on the website. The ex-leader spoke in detail about the political situation in Hungary on the eve and during the WWII.

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