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Russian center opens in south-eastern Sweden

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Russian center opens in south-eastern Sweden


On December 19, the Russian center started working at the people’s university (Folksuniversitetet) of Södertälje (Sweden). For several years, the university has successfully run Russian language courses for adults and children; the events of the Swedish Association of Russian Language Teachers (CARTS) are held with the support of the university and the city administration.

A collection of books, dictionaries, and special literature is prepared in the office for all those interested in the Russian language, literature and culture of Russia. TV programs and  a variety of multimedia content are also avialable for visitors.

The opening ceremony was especially festive and bright on the eve of the Christmas holidays. The representatives of the university, the Russkiy Mir Foundation and the Russian embassy in Sweden took part in it. The parties agreed to continue cooperation in the field of teaching the Russian language in Sweden, to conduct consultations, exchange views and experience.

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