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New York hosts Russian Film Week

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New York hosts Russian Film Week


Photo: shot from Anna Parmas' Let's Divorce!

Almost 20 features have been included in the program of the Week of Russian Cinema, which starts in New York at the end of the week, TASS reports. According to Maria Shklover, who acts as one of the founders of the film forum, this year the festival is the second in a row.

The American audience will get the chance to watch that have already been loved by Russian public and critics. The Bull by the young director Boris Akopov, which has won several awards at international festivals, Anna Parmas’s Let's Divorce!, Valery Todorovsky’s Odessa, Karen Oganesyan’s Hero and many other films will be brought to New York. The audience will be introduced to the Coronation mini-series by Alexey Uchitel. It is based on the historical drama Matilda.

Many films will be presented by leading actors and directors themselves, including Alexander Petrov, Alexey Serebryakov, Taisiya Vilkova, Alexey Guskov, Anna Parmas, Vladimir Khotinenko, Alexander Gorchilin and others.

Screenings of the animated films The Snow Queen: Through the Looking Glass, Urfin Djus Returns, Three Heroes and Heir to the Throne are planned for children.

Three festival venues will open in New York at once. Students and university professors from New York will be invited to take part in movie screenings with English subtitles. This year, the festival also takes place in San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and Boston.

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