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RT project on Romanov family won prestigious awards

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RT project on Romanov family won prestigious awards


Photo credit: Sergey Levitsky. Photography shop Sergey Levitsky and son

A book with elements of augmented reality created by the RT channel within #Romanovs100 project won Shorty Social Good Awards. The award marks works that have a positive impact on society. The book won in The Best Use of Images nomination.

Readers will be able to get acquainted with several dozen elements of augmented reality with the use of a mobile application. Among them are interactive photo galleries, colorized shots and VR animations.

The book was published on the centennial of the execution of the family of the last Russian emperor. It combines historical photographs of a hundred years ago and the most modern digital technologies.

In addition, the photo album received the Silver Epica Awards in the Virtual / Augmented Reality category. The # Romanovs100 project received gold and silver awards from the MIXX Russia Awards 2019.

Earlier RT multimedia projects # 1917LIVE and # Romanovs100 were recognized as winners among digital projects that contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Project # Romanovs100 presented several thousand photographs from the archives of the imperial Romanov dynasty. # 1917LIVE allowed reconstructing the events of 100 years ago on the internet, thanks to which messages were published online on behalf of Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin and other historical characters.

For a hundred days, rare photographs from the personal archive of the imperial family were published on specially created pages. Each page on a social network has its own special story.

On Facebook, photos are intertwined with personal stories from the life of Nicholas II, his wife, family and close friends of the imperial couple. The music for the project was written by composer and singer Peter Nalich.

YouTube introduced documentary videos that reveal both the ceremonial and everyday life of the royal family. On Instagram, subscribers got acquainted with the life of the Romanovs through the “story” of Tsarevich Alexei's favorite dog, the spaniel named Joey.

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