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Zurab Tsereteli exhibition opens in Geneva

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Zurab Tsereteli exhibition opens in Geneva


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The exhibition of Zurab Tsereteli has opened in Geneva, TASS reports. The works of the head of the Russian Academy of Arts are presented in D10 Art Space gallery. The exposition consists of 93 works created with a use of variety of techniques and materials - from enamel to silk-screen printing. The Monumental exhibition is dedicated to the anniversary of the master. At the beginning of this year Tsereteli turned 85 years old.

According to the owner of the gallery Victoria Dzodziev, she wanted the visitors to see Tsereteli’s work from a new perspective, appreciate the sculptor-muralist, painter and graphic artist. Most of the works presented in the Geneva gallery were outside of Russia and the walls of the workshop for the first time.

The artist was unable to come to Switzerland for the opening day but promised to visit the exhibition soon.

Bright, emotional, conveying thirst for life and excitement and at the same time poetry-filled canvases and drawings of Tsereteli look very harmoniously in the D10 Art Space gallery. The proximity to the creative philosophy of Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall is traced in the works.
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