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Moscow State University becomes first in RUR universities ranking

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Moscow State University becomes first in RUR universities ranking


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Lomonosov Moscow State University showed the best results in the Russian Universities Ranking by RUR Agency. The second place went to another Moscow higher institution - Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Tomsk State University ranked third in the ranking. The ranking includes 74 universities from 31 regions of the country, RIA Novosti reports.

Evaluation for the first Russian university rating was carried out according to twenty indicators, combined into four groups. At the same time, indicators of the quality of teaching and research gave the university more rating points than other groups.

The analysis of higher education institutions in 31 regions of Russia has showed that the largest number of advanced universities are located in Moscow (20 universities in the ranking), St. Petersburg, Ufa and Kazan. At the same time, Tomsk, which turned out to be represented in the top 10 Russian universities by two universities at once, was not among the leading cities. The university from Novosibirsk was also among the ten best universities in the country.

According to representatives of the universities involved in the study, the rating allows a university to track the level of development in various directions, compare it with the indicators of other universities and develop improvement programs. University leaders also noted that RUR results were helping Russian universities rise in international rankings.

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