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Jerusalem Patriarch does not recognize "new" Ukrainian church

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Jerusalem Patriarch does not recognize "new" Ukrainian church


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Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III expressed strong support for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Interfax news agency reports. According to him, there is only one Orthodox church in Ukraine - the one led by Metropolitan Onufry and which over the past year has been attacked by the Ukrainian authorities and the church structure created by Constantinople.

The patriarch emphasized that for the holy fathers, it is precisely the schism that remains the most serious sin against divine love, which is the foundation of church unity. Therefore, what is happening in Ukraine causes deep grief in him.

Earlier permanent Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church heard the conclusions of two commissions specially created to discuss the Ukrainian issue. According to sources, there is nothing in them that could lead to a positive response for Constantinople, requiring recognition of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian church. The Primate of the Church of Greece refused to single-handedly take responsibility on such a complex topic. Now it will be considered at the Council of Bishops with the participation of all the metropolitans of the GOC. It is planned that the meeting of the Council will be held in October.

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