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Syrian schoolchildren go to Artek summer camp once again

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Syrian schoolchildren go to Artek summer camp once again


On August 29, a group of Syrian schoolchildren, the winners of the Russian language competition, flew to Russia. After a short acquaintance with Moscow, the long-awaited vacation is in store for them at the Artek international children's camp. The session will last from August 30 to September 18. The Syrian guests are going to relax and actively learn the Russian language.

Russian as the second foreign language is taught in Syrian schools starting from grade 7. Thus, at least 15 thousand Syrian schoolchildren learn Russian annually. The best of them, as a reward from the Russkiy Mir Foundation, get the opportunity to relax in Artek, where the children will also have a rich cultural and educational program.

The Russkiy Mir Foundation, in cooperation with the Syrian Ministry of Education, has been helping children from this country, which is only recovering from a protracted civil war, to visit Russia for several years. This is not the only fund project in Syria - in 2017, the Russian Center was opened and is active in Damascus University.

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