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Mosfilm and Lenfilm film studios days launch in Varna

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Mosfilm and Lenfilm film studios days launch in Varna


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The classical features of Soviet and world cinema will be shown to spectators of the International Film Love is Madness Festival, which opens on August 23 in the Bulgarian city of Varna. Anna Karenina, The Lady with the Dog and other features that won international recognition will be shown within the program of the days of the leading film studios of Russia Mosfilm and Lenfilm, the Russkaya Balgaria newspaper reports.

Kirill Pletnev’s melodrama Without Me was included in the competition program of the festival. This Russian director is already familiar to Bulgarian moviegoers. Russkiy Mir reported that Pletnev presented his previous feature Burn! as part of the Days of Russian Cinema in Sofia and Varna in August 2018.

The program of the festival includes nine features shot at the Mosfilm and Lenfilm film studios. Viewers will see works by Alexander Zarha, Iosif Kheifits, Emil Loteanu, Eldar Ryazanov and other prominent Soviet filmmakers. The features will be presented by employees of Russian film studios, who will tell about the history of the creation of films and the fate of their creators.

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