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Artos Festival gathered representatives of six countries in Moscow

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Artos Festival gathered representatives of six countries in Moscow


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The ascetics of the past and the present will become the protagonists of the traditional Artos Orthodox festival, which opens on August 20 at the Sokolniki Exhibition Center. Over two hundred farms and monasteries from Russia, Greece, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova will present their products at the festival fair, the Orthodoxy.Ru website reports.

Guests of the 18th International Orthodox Festival will be able to discuss the asceticism that has been always inherent in Orthodox in conversations with priests, at photo exhibitions, book presentations and other events of Artos, which will be held for six days. The visitors will have the chance to learn a lot about the decoration and design of the church buildings.

A huge selection of icons, spiritual books, food, clothing, shoes and other products will be presented at the festival fair, which will bring together more than two hundred representatives from six countries. Guests can also enjoy dishes of Caucasian and Greek cuisines.

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