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Emir Kusturica: Classical music is a main argument of Russian culture

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Emir Kusturica: Classical music is a main argument of Russian culture


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Russian composers are the best, according to the Serbian director Emir Kusturica. According to him, Russian classical music is one of the most strongest arguments of the national culture, TASS reports. Famous director and musician is sure that there are no country that has been rich on composers. Kusturiza admitted that it's an objective reality, and Rachmaninov And Schostakoviuch are among his favourite composers. 

As Russkiy Mir reported, the festival of Russian classical music entitled Kustendorf CLASSIC opened on the evening of July 10 in Serbia, TASS reports. The venue of the musical forum is Drvengrad ethnical village, founded by famous Serbian cultural figure Emir Kusturica. The festival and music competition event is held for the 7th time. According to the organizers, it was decided to collect all cultural projects of Kusturica under one brand. Now Kustendorf combines cinema, theater and classical music. 

The famous Russian viola player Yuri Bashmet became the guest of honor at the opening ceremony. He performed the Harold in Italy symphony by Berlioz, accompanied by the Kustendorf orchestra.  A short film Pulse directed by Damir Romanov was shown. Serbian actor Miloš Bikovic, who also came to the festival, starred in it. 

The musical contest is held in the frames of the event. There are three age groups of pianists, vocalists, woodwinds and string instruments performers.

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