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Ivan Kupala holiday celebrated in Oregon

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Ivan Kupala holiday celebrated in Oregon



Celebration of Ivan Kupala Day for Russian-speaking and English-speaking guests took place in the city of Eugene, Oregon state. Compatriots wove wreaths of wildflowers, enjoyed gypsy fortune telling, games and tea drinking, the website of the Coordination Council of the Russian Compatriots of the USA informs. The event was organized by the non-profit organization ArtLink, which promotes the cultures of different nations of the world, including the Slavic one. 

Participants were able to fully plunge into the atmosphere of the Slavic holiday. The organizers melted charcoal samovars, made pies and other traditional dishes for them. Children along with adults became interested in a quest in which it was required to find “fern and treasures”. The guests were entertained by Ivan Kupala, Kupalinka, Ogonyok, the Magic Fish and Baba Yaga, magic characters danced, organized games and dances. The bravest guests jumped over the fire.

Compatriots in the United States often organize celebrations in Russian traditions. As Russkiy Mir reported, Maslenitsa holiday traditionally takes place in New York, where guests are told about the customs and traditions of the holiday, treated to pancakes, sbiten, gingerbread and bread rings.

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