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Delegates from 70 countries discuss linguistic diversity in Yakutia forum

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Delegates from 70 countries discuss linguistic diversity in Yakutia forum



An international conference dedicated to the preservation of the world languages and development of linguistic diversity has started working in the capital of Yakutia. It is held on the basis of the North-Eastern Federal University, the News of Siberian Science website reports.

The scientific forum was included in the program of the Year of Indigenous Languages. It is organized by the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Program, the university administration and the Interregional Center for Library Cooperation in cooperation with the UNESCO Secretariat and the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

Participants are going to discuss current topics, including the preservation of languages ​​and the development of their representation in cyberspace. According to the organizers, the linguistic, sociocultural, political and economic contexts in which different languages ​​function will be affected. The focus will be the language policy in different countries.

Another topic will be the importance of the emergence of modern language technologies, including speech recognition and synthesis, machine translation and others.


The forum in Yakutsk is attended by representatives of seventy countries from around the world. Politicians, linguists, public figures, scientists, diplomats, teachers and many others are among the participants.

Russkiy Mir reported that 2019 was declared the Year of the Languages ​​of the Indigenous Nations of the World. Its theme is the importance of languages ​​for sustainable development, peace building and reconciliation. The opening ceremony took place at the end of January in the French capital, where UNESCO headquarters were located. As part of the Year of Languages ​​in Russia, at least seven hundred different events and actions will take place, dozens of them are of an all-Russian character.

The Foundation for the Support of Indigenous Languages ​​was officially established in Russia. One of its tasks will be the development of textbooks and programs for children belonging to small indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East.

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