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Compatriots worldwide held actions on the Day of Memory and Grief

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Compatriots worldwide held actions on the Day of Memory and Grief


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Memorial events were held in different countries on the Day of Memory and Grief, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the start of World War II. Organizations of compatriots and Russian communities held the actions.

The Candle of Memory was lit in Germany, in the cemeteries where Soviet soldiers are buried. On the eve of the memorable date, the compatriots cleaned military cemeteries, Russkoe Pole informs.

Compatriots in several cities of North Rhine-Westphalia joined the action. In 2019, Memory public organization took charge of the graves of Soviet soldiers in Dusseldorf, Leverkusen and other cities in the region. The participants of the action lit candles and laid flowers on the graves.

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According to the organizers, the action is a lesson for young compatriots, which teaches them gratitude for the feat. Sergey Bezler, Deputy Chairman of the Memory organization, is convinced that in the future, if compatriots and like-minded people support the action, the candle will burn at each grave of the Soviet soldier in Germany.

In Cologne, the Memory for the Future public organization held the Candle of Memory. The program of action included a memorable procession, laying flowers at the military monument and a rally. The event was attended by representatives of organizations of compatriots, Orthodox priests and students of Russian schools.

Members of the German-Russian Fraternal Souls organization from Saxony laid flowers at the monument to Soviet soldiers and prisoners of war in Chemnitz, where more than 1,300 Soviet soldiers are buried. During the presentations, the participants spoke about the lessons of the Second World War and drew attention to the ongoing attacks of civilians in the Donbas. The organization has been assisting the residents of Donbass for many years.

A poster in Russian and German appeared at the monument to the Soviet soldier in Nordhausen: “Fascism will never be again!”

Note, the memorial suffered from the actions of vandals at the end of May. It was restored at the expense of the municipality.

In Riga, memorial events were held at the monument to the Liberators. Veterans, diplomats, politicians, activists of social movements and local residents gathered at the monument.

It should be recalled that a week earlier the Dark Night song of Nikita Bogoslovsky and Vladimir Agatov sounded nearby the monument. The song about love during the war, which turned into a protest song, was sung by the defenders of the monument, which can be dismantled by decision of the Latvian authorities. Actions in defense of the monument are supported by activists of the Russian Union of Latvia party.

In Moldova, politicians, diplomats, local residents, and activists of public organizations took part in the ceremony of laying flowers to the Eternity Memorial in Chisinau. Russian Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov stressed the importance of careful preservation of historical memory for the heroism of the soldiers who died in the war fronts.

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