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Lithuania demands from Adidas to remove sports uniform with Soviet symbols

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Lithuania demands from Adidas to remove sports uniform with Soviet symbols


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Lithuanian politicians are unhappy again that world is using symbols of the Soviet Union, RIA Novosti reports. They were outraged by the sports uniform in red with the USSR inscription, which is sold by a large company Adidas. It was found in a store located in the British capital.

Representatives of the Union of Fatherland - Christian Democrats of Lithuania party appealed to the leadership of the company. According to them, some European countries prohibit the use of Soviet symbols. Apparently, here they mean the Baltic republics. Politicians demanded guarantees from Adidas that all products with a Soviet print will be removed from stores.

As Russkiy Mir reported, last year, certain representatives of the political elite of Latvia expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that T-shirts with symbols of the Soviet Union were sold in the Walmart online store.

In 2009, Lithuanian Seimas approved legislative amendments that actually equated Soviet symbols with Nazi symbols. In accordance with them, this symbolism can be used in museums to inform the public about historical and contemporary events and in some other cases. Demonstration of the five-pointed star, as well as the sickle and hammer during public events is strictly prohibited.

Today there is a law in Latvia prohibiting the use of the symbols of the Soviet Union, Latvian SSR and Nazi Germany at mass events, processions and pickets. Recently, Latvian parliament approved a ban on the wearing of military uniforms of the winners of fascism and agreed to consider a draft law prohibiting St. George ribbon in public space.

In Estonia, Soviet symbols were banned in 2007, and Russian-language editorial staff of Estonian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Society was advised not to mention the St. George Ribbon event on air.

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