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Second Festival of Slavic cultures opens in Australia

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Second Festival of Slavic cultures opens in Australia



Concerts of folk groups, exhibitions of costumes of Slavic peoples, days of Slavic cuisine and other events are included in the program of the Second Festival of Slavic Cultures, which will be held from July to September in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast of Australia. Representatives of the Russian, Polish, Serbian and other Slavic communities will take part in the festival. Entrance to the event is free, the Russian newspaper in Australia, Edinenie, reports.

The festival of Slavic culture was first held in Brisbane two years ago, and was attended by representatives of eight communities. The program of the second festival will open with exhibitions - the Brisbane libraries have been chosen as the site for them. They will present traditional clothes, embroidery and souvenirs of various Slavic peoples. The tasting of dishes of Slavic cuisine is also included in the program. 

The concert part will open at the end of July and continue in August. Concerts of folk, classical and sacred music will be held on various stages of Brisbane and Gold Coast. Orchestras, pianists and singers from the Slavic diasporas are going to take part in it. The program will include a concert of the Chinese choir, which will perform Russian folk songs in their own language. There will also be an evening of Russian romance song. The main event of the festival will be a gala concert, which will bring together about 140 performers in the Brisbane amphitheater.

The festival will be an excellent occasion for inter-ethnic dialogue. According to the chairman of the organizing committee, Vladislav Kosse, in August a Russian-Polish evening will be held in which folk groups will perform and will offer traditional dishes of Russian and Polish cuisine.

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