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Russia presents rich program to promote Russian language abroad

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Russia presents rich program to promote Russian language abroad



Russia is going to double the budget for the promotion of the Russian language abroad, Izvestia newspaper writes. The Ministry of Education will spend 7.4 billion rubles (113,019 USD) from 2019 to 2025 on the program. The previous program cost less than four billion.

Today the number of people around the world who speak Russian is about three hundred million.

The program notes that the number of those who learn the language in the online format should increase fourfold. It is also planned to increase the number of foreign citizens who will take part in the activities of the program by three times.

In addition, there will be several dozens of new centers to promote the Russian language, schools and Russian language courses will be created on the Internet. Not only the language will be taught there, but also other subjects of the school curriculum in Russian. Games and simulators for learning the language will be created in the framework of the program.

The program provides for nearly eight hundred events in the field of education and culture abroad, the support of Russian schools abroad with textbooks and methodological literature, the selection of foreign citizens to study at Russian universities, and advanced training courses. More than one hundred and seventy thousand teachers are to take part in the program. 

In addition to the Ministry of Education, Rosobrnadzor and Rossotrudnichestvo will be involved in the promotion of the Russian language.

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