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Festival of Russian music starts in Barcelona

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Festival of Russian music starts in Barcelona


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Russian compatriots and foreign musicians will take part in the 4th International Youth Festival-competition of Russian classical music, which will be held in Barcelona on May 23-26. Under the terms of the competition, each participant will perform a work by a Russian composer of the 19th or 20th centuries, the website of Sodruzhestvo Russian-Catalan Cultural Association reports. 

The festival will be held in the following nominations: Solo Singing, Vocal Ensembles, Choral Groups, Solo Performance (violin, cello, piano, wind instruments), Ensemble and Orchestra. Participants are foreign musicians and compatriots from 12 to 25 years old (the winners will be determined in three age categories). Each of them will perform a piece to choose and a work of Russian composer in front of the jury. 

The jury will include famous Russian musicians, teachers and cultural figures. The winners and laureates of the competition, in addition to diplomas, will have the opportunity to attend master classes at Russian Academy of Music in Barcelona. 

The festival is held with the support of Russian Embassy in Spain, the Union of Russian Compatriots' Organizations and Russian Center for Science and Culture in Madrid. The City Hall of Barcelona also assisted in holding the festival. The purpose of the festival is to popularize Russian classical music and the works of Russian composers among foreign youth and young compatriots.

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