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Russian language textbooks for bilingual children presented in London

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Russian language textbooks for bilingual children presented in London


Photo: Rossotrudnichestvo

The new line of Preschooler Abroad textbooks was presented in the British capital, Rossotrudnichestvo website informs. It is designed to teach bilingual children Russian language.

The first book is a combination of a textbook and a workbook. It aims to develop the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Experts and teachers of RUDN University Marina Kunovski and Galina Myers told about the textbook. They introduced the structure and content of the textbook. According to them, they tried to take into account the situations of daily communication of a bilingual child in the absence of a language environment. They can find all the materials to prepare children for Russian language testing.

Preschoolers get acquainted with sounds, letters and cases in a game format. In addition, the book includes the rules of speech etiquette and exercises for the development of fine motor skills.

The place of testing materials was Znanie Russian School in London, where Russkiy Mir Office operates, opened by Russkiy Mir Foundation. The teachers of the school shared their experience in applying the techniques and provided their own insights. They compiled a general overview of textbooks and notebooks used at school for various age groups.

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