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Four oldest Orthodox churches call for protection of UOC temples

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Four oldest Orthodox churches call for protection of UOC temples



Primates of the four most ancient Orthodox churches of the world have called for the protection of the temples of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, RIA Novosti reports. This issue was discussed during the meeting of the Patriarchs of Alexandria Theodore II, John the Antioch X, Jerusalem Theophilus III and the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomus II. It took place on Cyprus. 

Heads of the Orthodox churches noted that the situation with the seizure of temples deteriorated significantly after the intervention of Patriarch of Constantinople and the creation of a “new church”. 

Primates called on all parties to work on the protection of believers, sacred temples and monasteries from seizures and any violent actions. 

The Archbishop of Cyprus noted that he was ready to take on the role of a mediator in finding ways out of the crisis in Ukraine. The patriarchs approved his initiative. In their opinion, it can have a positive effect for the benefit and unity of the Orthodox Church. 

As Russkiy Mir reported, only during March there were more than 60 cases of the seizure of churches and parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. At the same time, the UOC parishioners of 49 of them had to seek that the police accept statements from them with the inclusion of information about the crime in the register through the court .

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