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Vladimir Putin urged to increase academic exchanges for development of Arctic projects

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Vladimir Putin urged to increase academic exchanges for development of Arctic projects



Cooperation in the Arctic is discussed at the International Arctic Forum, which started in Saint Petersburg on Tuesday, April 9.

Presidents of Russia, Finland and Iceland Vladimir Putin, Sauli Niinistö and Gudni Torlacius Johannesson are among its participants. Heads of the Norwegian and Swedish governments Erna Solberg and Stephen Leuven joined them, the Kremlin website reports.

Heads of the states discussed the problem of the integrated development of the region, including the use of natural resources, environmental safety, transportation, and protection of the interests of the indigenous peoples of the North.

Russian leader recalled that after two years, Moscow will head the Arctic Council. According to him, all countries that are part of it and other states need to discuss cooperation in the region.

Vladimir Putin added that Russia plans to adopt a new strategy for the development of Russian Arctic in 2019. It will operate until 2035 and will consolidate activities of national projects and government programs, plans for infrastructure companies, and programs for the development of Arctic regions. 

President is convinced that the future will depend on active academic and university exchanges and the creation of international research teams. Vladimir Putin offered interested colleagues to start working together in shipbuilding, communications, navigation safety, in the field of ecology, mining and bioresources. 

We will develop the system of specially protected natural territories, Head of state promised. First of all, it refers to Russian Arctic national park. It is important to consider the development of ecological tourism and the creation of infrastructure there. 

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