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China's first Russian Center celebrates anniversary

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China's first Russian Center celebrates anniversary


Russian Center started its work at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) 10 years ago. It is one of the best higher educational institutions in China.

Over the years of work, an active intellectual and educational platform was created thanks to the efforts of Chinese Russianists, operating with the support of Russkiy Mir Foundation. Beijing Russian Center regularly hosts scientific and student conferences, round tables, seminars for Russian teachers, exhibitions and meetings with interesting people. Scientists from Russia and other countries, diplomats and writers perform there.


BFSU students study Russian language diligently, learn about the history and culture of Russia, discuss Russian politics and current Russian-Chinese relations. Russian Center holds quizzes on the knowledge of Russian language, in which schoolchildren from Beijing schools also take part. The training is designed for active mastering of lively Russian speech. Competitions on oratorical skills and declamations are regularly held, students participate in theatrical performances and Russian holidays.

On the anniversary, Executive Director of Russkiy Mir Foundation Vladimir Kochin sent a congratulatory message to Rector of BFSU, Professor Peng Lun. He noted that the events held at Russian Center “bring our peoples together and give the students an opportunity to learn more about Russia, its history, cultural traditions and customs of Russian people."

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The American Sean Quirk, who is one of musicians and the manager of the well-known in Russia and beyond Tuvinian Alash ensemble, speaks four languages. On foreign tours, he announces the songs of the ensemble in English and sings Tuvan folk songs to the public and for himself. He can please the audience with a ditty in Russian when he is asked to. Besides that, Quirk reads books in the language of his ancestors - Old Irish.
A round-the-world expedition of three Russian sailboats - the frigate Pallada and the barges Kruzenshtern and Sedov is going to start this autumn. All three sailing ships of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency have already been on the round-the-globe trips but an event of such a grand scale takes place for the first time.