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American translator of Russian classics held Pushkin's evening in Ireland

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American translator of Russian classics held Pushkin's evening in Ireland



Renowned poet, researcher and translator of Russian classics Julian Lowenfeld performed in Dublin within the frameworks of Maslenitsa 2019, the 10th Festival of Russian culture. The evening dedicated to Alexander Pushkin included poems by Osip Mandelstam and other Russian classics, according to 

Among the ancestors of Julian Lowenfeld are representatives of different nationalities, but there are no Russians. Being fascinated by Russian culture, Julian was still able to find the connection of his family with Russia. It turned out that his great-grandfather, famous German Slavist Rafael Lövenfeld worked as a correspondent for Berlin newspaper in Saint Petersburg. He was one of the first translators of Lev Tolstoy’s works into German. After the revolution, Nabokov’s family lived in Loewenfelds’ house in Berlin for some time. 

Julian Lowenfeld made his first Pushkin translations ten years ago and staged his own Little Tragedies in English at the Art Center of Mikhail Baryshnikov in New York. He was the first foreigner who was awarded the Petropol Saint Petersburg Prize for the book entitled My Talisman: Poetry and Life of Pushkin. A few years ago, in 2013, Lowenfeld received the medal “For Friendship and Cooperation” from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for his merits in promoting Russian culture. 

In Russia and Western countries, Julian Lowenfeld is known not only for his translations, but also for helping Russian film studios as a lawyer.

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