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Exhibition of paintings from Russian museums held in German Mannheim

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Exhibition of paintings from Russian museums held in German Mannheim


Photo: State Museum of Modern Art

The Designing the World. Art and Economy exhibition works in Mannheim, Germany, Russkoe Pole website reports. It is included it the program of the Russian Seasons in Germany large-scale cultural project.

The exhibition, which is located in the Kunsthalle Museum of Contemporary Art, presents works by artists who created in the modern style.

The largest Russian museums took part in the preparation of the exposition. Moscow Tretyakov Gallery and the Petersburg Russian Museum provided the showpieces from their collections.

According to the organizers, the audience has a rare opportunity to see how events that take place in the world have an impact on artists, their creativity, and perception of the surrounding reality.

Viewers will also be able to compare how the works were changing in different periods; between the First and Second World Wars, and in the decade that occurred after the 2008 financial crisis until our days.

Not only modernists of the first half of the 20th century in Germany, the USSR and the USA paid attention to the economy, but also many modern artists did. 

As Russkiy Mir reported, Russian Seasons opened in early January with Tchaikovsky’s music performed by the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra in the German capital. In 2019, nearly 500 events will take place in almost 80 cities in Germany, in which leading opera and drama theaters and museums will take part. 

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