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Embroidered Orthodox icons exhibited in Italian Bari

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Embroidered Orthodox icons exhibited in Italian Bari



The exhibition of embroidered Orthodox icons started in the Italian town of Bari, RIA Novosti reports. Their authors of two dozen works recreated the traditional Russian national art of icon embroidery with pearls, beads and precious stones. The locals and guests will be able to visit the exhibition before the Easter holiday.

The exhibition has become a part of the cultural and educational project dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the death of the royal family and Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna. The cycle of events is also timed to the feast of St. Nicholas. The saint was especially honored by members of the imperial family. The organizers of the program are the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (IOPS), the Slavic Foundation of Russia and the Elisavetino-Sergiev Educational Society.

Elena Agapova, who represents the IOPS, noted that the authors of the idea wanted to underline the long-standing and strong ties between Bari and Russia.

The visitors can also visit the banner exposition, which tells the story of the founders and first leaders of the Palestinian Society - Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich and his wife, Holy Martyr Elizaveta Feodorovna. The work of the Elisabeth-Sergiev society is also described at the exhibition.

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